what is html for beginner

HTML Beginner Tutorial

A step-by-step guide to HTML basics. If you’re completely new to web design, start here.

Getting Started:–>    What you need to do to get going and make your first HTML page.
Tags, Attributes, and Elements:–> The stuff that makes up HTML.
Page Titles:–> Titles. For Pages. A difficult concept, we know…
Paragraphs:–> Structuring your content with paragraphs.
Headings:–> The six levels of headings.
Lists:–> How to define ordered and unordered lists.
Links:–> How to makes links to other pages, and elsewhere.
Images:–> Adding something a bit more than text…
Tables:–> How to use tabular data.
Forms:–> Text boxes and other user-input thingamajigs.
Putting It All Together:–> Taking all of the above stuff and shoving it together. Sort of in a recap groove.

HTML Intermediate Tutorial

Some HTML bits-and-bobs that might be useful to beginners and advanced HTMLers alike.

Span and Div:–> The “meaningless” elements, used with CSS.
Text: Abbreviations, Quotations, and Code
Meta Tags:–> Bolting on extra information about your web page.
Tables: row span and col span:–> Expanding on the Tables page of the HTML Beginner Tutorial, looking at header-cells and merging cells.
Description Lists:–> The forgotten lists.
Text:–> Addresses, Definitions, Bi-directional, and Editorial
Sectioning:–> Greater semantic structures for documents.

HTML Advanced Tutorial

Pushing HTML to its full standards-compliant, semantic, accessible potential.

Text: Time, Mark, and “Presentational”:–> Yet more tags for ultra-specific textual elements.
Conditional Comments:–> Targeting inept and misbehaving elderly browsers.
Tables: Columns, Headers, and Footers
Accessible Links:–> Making hypertext more accessible to users with disabilities.
Accessible Forms:–> Making forms more accessible for users with disabilities.
HTML5 Forms Pt. 1: Input Types: More specific form fields.
HTML5 Forms Pt. 2: Attributes and Data Lists: Extending the semantics of input and textarea.
Embedded Content: Video, Audio, and Canvas

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